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  Last Updated: 11/26/2014
   Health Care Savings Plan
  The Health Care Savings Plan is a public employer-sponsored program administered by the Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) that allows employees to save pre-tax money to pay post employment medical expenses and/or health insurance premiums.

The program has been in effect since July of 2001. The legislature signed into law Chapter 352.98 authorizing MSRS to provide a health care savings reimbursement plan.

Participation by state and other public employees is determined during negotiations between the bargaining units, or group of employees if there are no bargaining units, and the employer with final language approval by MSRS.

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     HCSP Advisor - The newsletter for the Health Care Savings Plan.

HCSP Video Library

Your MSRS Health Care Savings Plan: This video provides an introduction to the HCSP, including the plan benefits and features, who can participate, and how your contributions are invested.

Using Your Health Care Savings Plan: This video explains when you can access your HCSP funds and how the reimbursement process works.

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